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Our Performance Measurement business line helps managers implement customized performance measurement practices that are the best fit for their organizations.

Performance Measurement

Quality and relevant performance data are integral for supporting results-based management of services to Canadians and monitoring and reporting on performance. QMR’s performance measurement practice promotes a streamlined and cohesive approach with a combination of standardized and customized methodologies and tools based on leading edge best practices. Using proprietary tools, we provide assessments, implementation support and training and capacity building.


Our objective is to ensure you have:

- The right information at the right time at the lowest possible cost;

Performance data that are reliable, measureable and relevant;

The capacity to meet multiple demands including evaluation, risk management, budgeting and decision-making and performance reporting;

- Metrics and methodologies that are relevant and easy to implement in order to measure program and business process changes and meet TB policy requirements.

Key elements of our approach are:

Performance Measurement Capacity Assessments and Plans: Assessment of existing data, data gaps and capacity for data collection and performance reporting; recommendations on resources to address any gaps in expertise and capacity; development of business processes for data collection and analysis including identification of resources and costs.  Our approach is tactical and designed to ensure that the investments in performance measurement are strategic and effective. 


Performance Metrics and Methodologies: Too often, metrics are selected without fully understanding the level of effort for data collection and analysis. We provide support on selecting the right metrics and using the appropriate measurement methodologies. We ensure  that financial and non-financial information is linked to support decision-making and reporting. Our approach focuses on streamlined and standardized measurements  that are relevant, easy to implement and tell a clear performance story.

Measuring Efficiency and Economy: We  provide a broad range of efficiency and economy metrics depending on your business goals that can measure costs and service efficiency based on leading edge private and public sector best practices.

Data Analytics: Our expertise will provide you with the tools and expertise to analyze and track improvements in service and cost efficiencies based on leading edge international private and public sector best practices,


Workshops and Coaching: We offer customized training sessions to build internal capacity on performance measurement.


Advisory Services and troubleshooting to support the design and implementation of performance measurement strategies, Performance Information Profiles and identify the appropriate resources and expertise to execute data collection and analysis.


We are committed to supporting a strong managing for results culture. Our multidisciplinary and integrated approach to performance measurement is unique. Our objective is to ensure that performance data are strategic, streamlined and timely for management decision making and reporting.

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